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Send records of the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force deliberations to WikiLeaks

Controversy over the decision to seal for 15 years the record of deliberations by the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) Great Commission Resurgence Task Force is easily stilled. One person with access need only provide the complete record to WikiLeaks.

Before the SBC meets in Orlando, Fla.

Thereafter, assuming WikiLeaks can be prompted to republish with suitable dispatch, everyone who is so inclined can contemplate the deliberations at his or her leisure.

Although those who wish to cast thoroughly well-informed votes on related decisions in Orlando may have to set aside more time for reading/listening and less for sleep, they’re responsible people and can be relied upon to make the necessary sacrifice. If they’re afforded that opportunity.


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  1. Unbelievable… and yet so typical for Southern Baptist honchos. Why in the world do people put up with this???

    Comment by Christa Brown | June 11, 2010

  2. I’ve been told that it doesn’t make any difference what is decided at the Convention, that a group of Trustees makes the Final decisions. If true who are they?

    Comment by jack | June 12, 2010

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