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Some South Carolina Baptists smeared themselves with the ‘raghead’

Some South Carolina Baptists helped carry that “raghead” water which did not douse Nikki Haley’s bid the South Carolina Republican gubernatorial nomination.

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Failing Newsweek opens a war on marriage?

Soon to be radio showless but voice unlowered, Albert Mohler, dean of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, finds that besieged, failing and for-sale Newsweek has begun the culture war to end marriage. Just like that. Mohler wrote:

The Newsweek article represents what may be the most direct journalistic attack on marriage in our times. Though only an op-ed column, it presents arguments that had to date been made largely, if not exclusively, outside of mainstream circles. Consider this column an opening salvo in a battle to finish marriage off, once and for all.

I Don’t” is, however, still just a well-written op ed in an increasingly obscure and endangered magazine.

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Another price of clerical sexual abuse

Roman Catholic author Peter Steinfels reminds us at dotCommonWeal that in his book, A People Adrift:

I warned that the Catholic church in the U.S. faced “thoroughgoing transformation or irreversible decline.” Yes, the gates of hell will not prevail but that did not guarantee the church’s flourishing or even existence in any given time or place.

He feels The Atlantic’s Ross Douthat has made the same point “even more bluntly.”

Douthat does not say the Roman Catholic Church is finished. Instead he writes:

But if the Church isn’t finished, period, it can still be finished for certain people, in certain contexts, in certain times. And so it is in this case: for millions in Europe and America, Catholicism is probably permanently associated with sexual scandal, rather than the gospel of Jesus Christ. And as in many previous dark chapters in the Church’s history, the leaders entrusted with that gospel have nobody to blame but themselves.

Not that Roman Catholic clergy are alone amid the rising waters and scrabble of feet abandoning ship.

The Southern Baptist Convention, just for example, continues year after year to resist necessarily forceful action against clerical sexual abuse.

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How ‘forgiveness’ becomes cover-up for church sexual predators

Christa Brown calls our attention to a story of a Southern Baptist church’s negligence in dealing with a preacher’s sexual abuse of his adopted children. She quotes from the Anchorage Daily News:

Church officials knew the oldest daughter, Renee, was being abused long before Diana did. One of them, according to Renee’s sworn testimony, told her to forgive her father and not tell anyone what he had done. It was three years before Renee got the courage to speak up again. By then, her father had started in on her two little sisters.

You see in that horror why sexual predators regard churches as attractive environments.

For example, one predator told a researcher [.pdf]:

I considered church people easy to fool…they have a trust that comes from being Christians…They tend to be better folks all around. And they seem to want to believe in the good that exists in all people … I think they want to believe in people. And because of that, you can easily convince, with or without convincing words.

Thus forgiveness becomes cover-up, with hellish results for victims.

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