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Welcome to your [overwhelmed?] tailored-to-some-faith ‘search’ engine

Christian search engine SeekFind is down [as of this writing] due to persecution [“hacking attempts after our recent interview on NPR“]. They say. Or perhaps they asked for a larger audience and it was given in numbers their servers could not bear.

They were, after all, Slashdotted. Mention amid Slashdot’s “News for nerds’ has drowned many an unprepared server in curious geeks, and will drown more in the future.

Jewogle was mentioned in the same NPR story and seems to be clicking alone quite well, thank you.

Likewise the Muslim search engine I’mHalal.

There appears to be a market for theologically filtered search. According to NPR:

I’mHalal says that within the first year since its launch, it is already getting 10 million users a month. With that kind of traffic, these search engines are likely here to stay.

Yes, they can all expect competition.


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