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There was a mosque/prayer room in the south tower

All of Richard Land’s contrived arguments about how close for a mosque is “too close” to Ground Zero for the Park51 center falls to hypocritical pieces when you realize that interred in the rubble are the remains of the mosque in the South Tower.

Call it aprayer room” if you wish.

It was on the 17th floor, and it wasn’t the only space in the towers where faithful Muslims prayed:

Moreover, the prayer room was not the only example of Muslim religious practice in or near the trade center. About three dozen Muslim staff members of Windows on the World, the restaurant atop the north tower, used a stairwell between the 106th and 107th floors for their daily prayers.

Without enough time to walk to the closest mosque — Masjid Manhattan on Warren Street, about four blocks away — the waiters, chefs, banquet managers and others would lay a tablecloth atop the concrete landing in the stairwell and flatten cardboard boxes from food deliveries to serve as prayer mats.

During Ramadan, the Muslim employees brought their favorite foods from home, and at the end of the daylight fast shared their iftar meal in the restaurant’s employee cafeteria.

After 9/11, Muslims prayed at Ground Zero for their fellow Muslims who had been irretrievably interred in the rubble.

Samuel G. Freedman of the New York Times wrote:

Fekkak Mamdouh, an immigrant from Morocco who was head waiter, attended a worship service just weeks after the attacks that honored the estimated 60 Muslims who died. Far from being viewed as objectionable, the service was conducted with formal support from city, state and federal authorities, who arranged for buses to transport imams and mourners to Warren Street.

There, within sight of the ruins, they chanted salat al-Ghaib, the funeral prayer when there is not an intact corpse.

“It is a shame, shame, shame,” Mr. Mamdouh, 49, said of the Park51 dispute. “Sometimes I wake up and think, this is not what I came to America for. I came here to build this country together. People are using this issue for their own agenda. It’s designed to keep the hate going.”

The underlying truth of the counterfactual uproar over Park51 is fanning the flames of hate, Richard.


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  2. In my opinion the Richard Land speaks to impress the right wing extrememists, white supremecist groups mainly in the South that have endeared themselves to the Republican Party and given them votes and by this association has embedded them in Southern Baptist Churchs and the SBC and cost them to lose intelligent membership. SBC seems bewildered.

    Comment by Jack Wolford | September 18, 2010

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