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Candidate assumes North Carolinians are easily stampeded

Republican congressional candidate Renee Ellmers of Dunn, N.C., showed with her “victory mosque” television attack ad that she believes the people of the 2nd Congressional District can be stampeded by images of Muslims as a threat, lack a clear grasp of history and are short on devotion to religious liberty.

She used a series of false images in an attempt to create the impression that Democratic seven-term incumbent U.S. Rep. Bob Etheridge is somehow willing to contemplate construction of a “victory mosque” on “ground zero” in New York City.

Michael Biesecker of the Raleigh News & Observer dissected the ad, concluding gently that “the ad contains both factual errors and historical inaccuracies.”

The ad derives its primary energy from and deliberately fans the flames of anti-Muslim sentiment. That is, for example, the purpose of its repetition of the historically groundless term “victory mosque” and the implication that the Park51 community center is intended to be such a structure.

Ellmers’ descent to what her campaign calculates is the politically convenient demagoguery of relating Park51 to “terrorists” says nothing about her opponent.

It does speak clearly to the kind of elected official she would be — one who is willing to demean religious minorities in pursuit of political advantage and who has little respect for the intelligence of her constituents.

We’re not asking you to take our word for it.

View the ad below and decide for yourself.

[H/T: Civil Commotion]

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