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Christine O’Donnell’s fantasy satanism

Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell told Bill Maher, “I dabbled into witchcraft,” and added a couple of details which suggest that her story was made up for its sensationalistic appeal.

Fred Clark writing at slactivist nails it down:

That evidence — her claim to have seen a “Satanic altar” with “a little blood there” — is cribbed entirely from Mike Warnke, the subject of the second book I’m recommending here: Selling Satan: The Evangelical Media and the Mike Warnke Scandal, by Mike Hertenstein and Jon Trott. Selling Satan is a remarkably thorough piece of investigative journalism by two devout evangelical Christians whose reluctance to cast judgment on a purported fellow believer lends them to document Warnke’s lies in devastating detail. (The Cornerstone magazine articles summarizing this investigation can be read online here.)


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