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U.S. Air Force Academy cadets allege Christian conservative religious intimidation

A U.S. Air Force Academy cadet has written in an email to Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) , warning that:

Mr. Weinstein, USAFA is literally overrun
with Christian conservative fanatics. And the leadership here either
knows this or is ridiculously blind to it. If any of us gave even the
slightest indication that we weren’t one of their number, our lives
would be even more miserable than they already are due to the fact
that we are all living lies here. Despite the Cadet Honor Code we all
lie about our lives. We have to. We don’t have a choice. Thus we are
all “invisible” to our tormentors

In the email published by Veterans Today, the cadet says he represents a group of about 100, mostly mainstream Protestant cadets who despair of command intervention.

“The MRFF and allies from a myriad of civil rights and interfaith groups sent a letter Tuesday to the Department of Defense (DoD) detailing the cadet’s email and other startling complaints,” writes Mike Ludwig of truthout, “including testimony from the parents of an academy graduate who believe their daughter was ‘methodically brain washed’ by a fundamentalist group there, demanding an investigation of the academy and the evangelical academy ministry Cadets For Christ.”

The group also seeks official release of the recent USAFA study of the religious climate at the academy. It was leaked to the press. According to those leaked results, “353 cadets (almost 1 out of every 5 survey participants) reported having been subjected to unwanted religious proselytizing, and 23 cadets (13 of them Christians) reported living ‘in fear of their physical safety’ because of their religious beliefs.”

Truthout further reports:

Mikey Weinstein, a USAFA graduate and MRFF founder, told Truthout that USAFA Superintendent Lt. Gen. Mike Gould was dishonest about the results of the Climate Study, and told the public that everything was fine at the academy without releasing the actual results. He said it’s time for a legitimate investigation of the “fundamentalist culture” in the academy.


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