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Ergun Caner hangs out his ‘Islam Expert for Hire’ shingle

Ditched amid uproar as dean of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary but (huh?) retained as a professor, Ergun Caner visited Bristol, Va., Friday to dismiss it all:

We saw it (controversy) coming. My brothers and I have been dealing with it for years. This just happened to bounce big, and I paid no attention. News means little to me, and the Web is — well, bloggers for the most part — are just frustrated people in their basements.

His speaking skills are of course still for hire. His successor as seminary dean , Elmer Towns, did say, “… I see Ergun with a long, profitable ministry.”

Also still for hire is Crying Wind, the not-an-Indian whose profitable history of pretending to an American Indian life story is detailed by Phil Johnson in Evangelical Bunco Artists. There is a long list, to which Johnson sadly appends Caner.

Caveat emptor.


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  1. The information flow is to me astounding and is right now responsible for current and proposed major changes. “And You Were There” -Edward R.Murrow

    Comment by jack | October 7, 2010

  2. How would you like to run into this guy in a church hallway where the lights had gone out !

    Comment by jack | October 8, 2010

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