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Interfaith uselessness

National Interfaith week in is under way in Great Britain, and a waste of time, writes Harriet Baber for the Guardian. Using the example of Consultation on Church Union (Cocu) in the U.S., she argues that interfaith efforts waste resources. And reduce worship choices available to lay people — exactly the wrong idea:

Mainline clergy deplored the idea that churches should provide the kind of services people enjoyed in order to get them in as crass consumerism. But if not enjoyment of the service, what was supposed to get people to church? Social – or legal – sanctions? Fear of hell? Desire for wealth, healing, or some other material benefit? Saddleback Megachurch got it right in this. With multiple “tents” on its campus, featuring black gospel, hard rock and Hawaiian-themed services in addition to its generic neo-evangelical WorshipCenter, Saddleback appeals to a range of consumer tastes.


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