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Did you get your Manhattan Declaration app?

Manhattan Declaration iPhone/iPad app

The Manhattan Declaration iPhone/iPad app was available in Apple’s iTunes store.

Until controversy erupted, and Apple removed it.

For those who grabbed one:

The Manhattan Declaration app by CSN Media allows you to read and sign a declaration created by a group of fundamentalist Christians in 2009 and network with a community of others opposed to gay rights and abortion.


The free app included the 4,700 word document, which users were asked to electronically sign, and a four-question survey. One question asks, “Do you support same-sex relationships?” Users who answer “yes” are told that they have replied incorrectly.

Over at the Manhattan Declaration blog, they’re calling on the petition’s signers to lobby Apple to restore the app to the ranks of those available for purchase.


November 30, 2010 - Posted by | Politics, Religion, Technology

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