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Scientology’s secret

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Michael Bywater, an atheist writing in The New Humanist, asks why Scientology has been the only “really successful religion” launched in the 1,340 years “since Islam kicked off with the Qur’an.” His answer is the quality of the core document:

… first, [L. Ron Hubbard’s] Dianetics hits the perfect pitch of laying out mumbo-jumbo in just clear enough terms for people who think they’re terribly significant but who aren’t that bright (there are a lot of movie stars in the lists, wouldn’t you say?) to think that they’re grasping something terribly important which actually makes sense. And, secondly, it doesn’t pose a Creator. Just a bunch of clever aliens. Whom we can turn back into if we have enough money.


December 28, 2010 - Posted by | Atheism

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