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Nominee for thoroughly misguided

Christian ?


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Obama promoted religious freedom in China

Before Obama left, questions were raised about what he would do about religious freedom in China. And they have been answered:

Religious freedom advocates are pleased following President Barak Obama’s visit with Chinese President Hu Jintao, who spoke out about the need for religious freedom in China. President Obama also emphasized the importance of freedom of information in a question-and-answer session with college students in Shanghai.

He also criticized Chinese Internet censorship and “praised freedom of expression and political participation.”

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Uh oh, Orly

Pay the $20,000 Orly Birther, or else, orders Judge Clay Land, of the US District Court in the Middle District Of Georgia [order]. TPM notes that much is unclear about the collection procedure.

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Obama’s Office of Faith-Based Partnerships has a Web site and blog

Office of Faith-Based Partnerships finally has an official Web site, and a blog written by Joshua DuBois.

Long sidetracked. But there is still hope for it. Melissa Rogers is still on the advisory council. Those serving with her include Frank Page, a Southern Baptist. Ultimately enough breadth in the group, and perhaps clout, to make good things happen at last?

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Oh, Orly birther, say it ain’t so (she did)

Birther queen Orly Taitz encouraged witness to lie, Central District of California Judge David O. Carter said in his ruling dismissing her case.

David Weigel quoted from the ruling:

The Court has received several sworn affidavits that Taitz asked potential witnesses that she planned to call before this Court to perjure themselves. This Court is deeply concerned that Taitz may have suborned perjury through witnesses she intended to bring before this Court. While the Court seeks to ensure that all interested parties have had the opportunity to be heard, the Court cannot condone the conduct of Plaintiffs’ counsel in her efforts to influence this Court.

Not unexpectedly, birthers did not accept the verdict or related criticism well.

Petulant Taitz followers planned to discipline albeit not excommunicate Bill O’Reilly after he commented on Tuesday that he thinks the “birther” lawsuits are “crazy.” They made plans to protest outside Fox news headquarters in New York on Veterans’ Day.

So it is with those who bring the birther faithful unwelcome messages, as Judge Carter did in dismissing Taitz’s suit. Conspiracies, you see.

As night follows day, then, Taitz discovered that the good judge was being manipulated by a “new clerk, fresh out of Perkins Coie, law firm, that represented Obama, in some 100 cases.”

Eternal fragile, petulant hypervigilance is the price of liberty. Remember: “Watch the skies.”

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Defense/hate-crimes bill signed into law

President Obama killed some costly defense projects and took the landmark civil rights step of extending federal hate crimes coverage to homosexuals when he signed the defense bill passed last week.

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Get out your race cards

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan wants to play.

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Notre Dame quietly reappoints Fr. Jenkins [Addendum: MSM stories?]

The Notre Dame/Obama uproar helped marginalize the Catholic Right, polling data showed at the time. Yet failure of that broadly unsupported exercise in wedge politics has not chastened the right, which can be expected to greet without applause the Rev. John I. Jenkins reappointment Friday as Notre Dame chancellor.

Commenters like Joseph Lawler at the American Spectator have persistently attempted to recover by arguing that Obama’s appearance and acceptance of an honorary degree at commencement was a “debacle” or “fail” for Notre Dame rather than for the political right.

Undeterred, Fr. Jenkins followed the commencement with launch of several campus pro-life initiatives and attendance of the the March for Life in Washington D.C. He has simultaneously been firm in his resistance to pressure to drop trespass charges associated with the commencement protests.

The broad debate continues, as was evident in the mixed reaction to Senator Edward Kenndy’s passing. Fr. Jenkins’ reappointment suggests that simple shrill persistence on the right is persistently unproductive.

Addendum: Get Religion wants to know

Where is the mainstream press mainstream coverage of this important, symbolic win on the left? Don’t be shy, and tmatt isn’t the only one who wants an answer.

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Bearing Nobel disappointments

Hillary Rodham Clinton must be silently disappointed at being only the third woman secretary of state not to receive a Nobel Peace Prize during her first year of service.

Joe Biden has to be silently grieving his fate as “the first beardless Democratic vice president of this century to not win the Nobel Peace Prize.”

Richard Land pitched a fit, however. The head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s SBC Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, said Oct. 10 on his radio program, “I think the Nobel Prize committee is trying to lobby this president to pull him in an even more left-wing direction by giving him the Nobel Peace Prize.”

Was Land disappointed that the Nobel Committee passed on an opportunity to give the award to a third Southern Baptist? (Counting Jimmy Carter, who when named still hadn’t split with the SBC.) Or disoriented from his Florida venture into reality denial? Certainly he was not speaking ex cathedra as he did in 2006 when declaring Southern Baptist support for then-President G.W. Bush.

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Birthermercial bumpersticker with help from

Send faxes and get a birthermercial bumper sticker for just $30 (Call now: Supplies are limited?). Let Bill Keller and Gary Kreep mislead you (Baptist Center for Ethics, PolitiFact 1 & 2, FactCheck 1 & 2,Wikipedia) with musically attended claims that this is a legitimate debate. Just watch the new ad full of dramatic rehashes of claims about where Obama was born. TPM reports that it’s running in seven Southern states.

The infomercial is hosted by Keller, a Liberty University educated fundamentalist minister who served “nearly three years in prison” for insider trading and whose produced the ad. Keller explains that was “founded for the sole purpose of having a site on the internet where people can go 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for prayer.” although the site has become complex and is decorated with, for example, a photoshopped image of Obama with Hitler. A copy of the birthermercial is also hosted there.

Keller interviews Kreep, who not only heads the birther organization U.S. Justice Foundation but also sponsors Defend Glenn (Beck), is attorney for Obama death pastor Wiley Drake and has been general counsel for the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.

Both are wonderfully certain of themselves. Although in a recent ruling on one of the court actions filed with regard to this matter. U.S. District Judge Clay Land said that, “Unlike in ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ simply saying something is so does not make it so.”

Below is the introduction to the 28-minute ad:

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