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Tuesday’s briefly religious

That much-promoted hate crime ralley in front of the U.S. Department of Justice was a bust, but not busted as organizers seemed to hope they would be.

ACORN support and its end was the topic of a US Conference of Catholic Bishops report. Their Campaign for Human Development is under right-wing fire again this year.

Rifqa Bary’s Christian activist supporters rallied in front of the Columbus, Ohio, courthouse. She is in foster care in Ohio now and restricted so that she can no long hold cellphone prayer meetings or exchange email with supporters.

Public schools can still censor valedictory speeches, it seems, and the failed Brittany McComb attempt to detail her faith by departing from the approved valedictory text was denied U.S. Supreme Court review.

Students and their families are suing a Tennessee school for promoting the religion preferred by school officials. Of course most news reports subly nurture the ACLU-plot meme.

BBC said “no” to including non-religious speakers on a “Thought for the Day” radio show. It seems that “religious output and that it is a matter of editorial discretion for the BBC executive and its director general as editor-in-chief as to whether the BBC broadcasts a slot commenting on an issue of the day from a faith perspective.” Take that atheists, et al?

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