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Spanish ‘mini-blockbuster’ on the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi

Tell-all Regnum Christi book

Written by a consecrated woman of Regnum Christi, the book “to be published very soon” by Editorial Planeta is entitled (translated from Spanish “The Kingdom of Marcial Maciel, the Secret Life of the Legion and Regnum Christi.”

Life-After-RC used Google to translate the announcement:

Regnum Christi

What is the future of the Legion of Christ?

Can it survive the stigma of having been founded, designed and conducted by Marcial Maciel?

Nelly Ramírez Mota Velasco, former consecrated women of Regnum Christi, strictly and accurately describes life inside the Legionaries of Christ and many of the characteristics that define this organization as a cult phenomenon within the Catholic Church.

This provides documents and testimony of those who gave their time, their resources, their faith and devotion to a man who, in the name of God, built his own kingdom and disappointed those who met and endorsed the group. Here we illustrate the abuse, control measures, embezzlement and diversion of funds that have been made for decades under the manipulation of the Gospel. It’s time to be self-critical, courageous, and change the house. For all who were and are part of the Movement, it’s time to tell the truth.

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On Sunday, victims of priest sex abuse to march on Vatican

Reuters reported Friday:

Victims of abuse by Roman Catholic priests will try to march on the Vatican on Sunday despite the lack of a police permit, to demand the Church do more to protect children and hold abusers accountable.

Bernie McDaid and Gary Bergeron, founders of, told a news conference on Friday they would start a petition drive to ask the United Nations to declare systemic paedophilia a crime against humanity.

“We are not crippled. We are injured people who are willing to talk about it now. The guilt and the shame is in the cover-up,” said McDaid, who become one of the first abuse victims to meet with Pope Benedict in Washington in 2008.

Read the entire story here.

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In wake of child sex abuse scandal, Irish priests become endangered species

Priests are an endangered species in Ireland, Irish Central reports. Dublin’s Archbishop Diarmuid Martin said:

We have 46 priests over 80 and only two less than 35 years of age. In a very short time we will just have the bare number of priests required to have one active priest for each of our 199 parishes. … priests over 70 years of age outnumbered priests under 40 by 10 to one.

Father Brendan Hoban, parish priest at St. Muredach’s Cathedral in Ballina, County Mayo, said “The difficult truth is that priests will have effectively disappeared in Ireland in two to three decades.”

Martin acknowledged that the massive child sex abuse scandal affected recruitment. Investigation revealed ‘epidemic’ rape and child sex abuse of Irish children in Catholic care. Full publication of the explosive clerical sex abuse report is being postponed, and could be delayed for years.

Archbishop Martin’s indication that the church must repent, when there is public foot-dragging on getting the full story told, seems less than comforting.

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Transition indeed


Tom Messer, who reportedly helped cover-up the child sex crimes of his church’s founding pastor, is listed as a featured speaker for the Florida Baptist Pastors Conference. Even though his is not an SBC church.

Christa reminds us that Bob Allen wrote for Ethics Daily:

A TV station in Jacksonville, Fla., reports that leaders in a prominent Baptist church in the city knew for years their former pastor was a pedophile, but covered it up for fear public knowledge would harm the church’s ministry, shipping the minister to Germany where he served 10 years as a missionary, possibly with access to other children.

. . .
The Baptist Mission for Forgotten People, where [Dr. Robert] Gray finished his ministry as a missionary, wasn’t told anything about his background for 10 years and did not find out until Gray was arrested, a spokesperson told reporter Jeannie Blaylock.

There was even news of a smoking gun tape recording. Really. Read and decide for yourself what it means. Bear in mind that claims against Gray date to 1949. Excerpts from his police interviews are here.

Messer’s Monday morning session topic: “Transition: Leading the Church to Adapt for Greater Effectiveness.”


First, shouldn’t someone speak to accountability? Also, no discussion of a solution to the overarching problem is contemplated.

Where is Florida going with this?

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Richard Land plowed down for sexual predator double standard

Christa writes:

So I listened in wonder as [President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention Richard] Land seemed to express such outrage over “Hollywood elites.” [with regard to Roman Polanski] Where was his voice of outrage about the Southern Baptist minister who repeatedly molested and raped me when I was an underage church-girl? Where was his outrage about the music minister who knew about it, then and now, and called it “consensual”? Where was his outrage about Texas Baptist officials who put my perpetrator’s name in a secret file of “known offenders,” but then kept quiet about it while the man continued to work in children’s ministry? Where was his outrage about the 18 Baptist leaders who were informed about my substantiated report of clergy abuse and did nothing?

Like most other high officials of the Southern Baptist Convention and its bureaucratic appendages, nowhere in sight, then or now.

As Christa explains in detail that we recommend to you at Stop Baptist Predators.

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