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‘Senseless’ attack on World Vision in Pakistan

A Christian aid agency suspended operations in Pakistan after six of its staff members were killed in an attack March 10.

World Vision International, which has offices in about 100 countries, called the attack in the Mansehra district of Pakistan “brutal and senseless.” The victims, which included two women, were all Pakinstani nationals, according to a BBC report.

Seven other World Vision staff members were injured in the attack, which included gunfire and a bomb.

About 97 percent of World Vision’s more than 30,000 staff members work in their home countries, according to the World Vision web site. More than 500,000 people sponsor children through the organization.

“No threatening letters were received prior to the attack,” the World Vision statement said. “World Vision’s relief and development work in Pakistan is conducted by local citizens.”

World Vision has been working in Pakistan since 1992 and expanded its operation there after an earthquake hit the country in October 2005.

No group immediately took credit for the attack, according to the BBC report.

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Obama’s dethroning of Osama bin Laden

In Commonweal, an independent magazine edited and managed by lay Catholics, Jack Miles writes:

President George W. Bush first used the fateful phrase “war on terror” in an address to Congress on September 20, 2001, identifying what he later called “the defining struggle of our time.” And though initially the 9/11 attacks united the West while embarrassing and dividing the Muslim world, in time the rhetoric of a “war on terror” reversed those terms. With just three words, the president managed to transform Osama bin Laden from a criminal fugitive into a historic military commander, the head of a new, potentially world-changing army of fanatics. The subsequent invasion of Iraq, centerpiece of the Bush war on terror, only confirmed bin Laden in many Muslim eyes as a Saladin rather than a mass murderer.

Erasing the phrase “war on terror” from the U.S. diplomatic lexicon, the Obama administration has both dethroned Bin Laden and “replaced a grandiose, counterproductive fantasy with realistic attention to a set of grievous but real problems,” Smith argues.

Read the entire piece: After the War on Terror.

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