Southern Religion

Frequently Asked Questions


We cover news about religion in the public square that is of interest and importance to our audience, not just matters of Southern Baptist concern.

We’re about the business of reporting and analysis. We dig for facts. We expect to find ourselves face to face with whoever and whatever is in the details. We send email, call, visit in person — whatever it takes that we can afford to do.


Our goal is a civil community of discussion. Mutual respect is for one another and the facts is the core value.

As a result, shrill allegations are greeted with deletion of the comment. Abusers are blocked. Will be. We’ve never actually had to block anyone.

Whether you agree with us or not is irrelevant, at least to us. We believe the truth is most likely to be revealed through the collective effort of well-informed, honest, civil, public debate. As a result, we welcome thoughtful disagreement just as gladly as we welcome thoughtful agreement.

Comments are moderated with an eye to factual integrity, courtesy and language that you could use without embarrassing our strict, old-fashioned, Sunday school teacher grandmothers.

Please respect your fellow readers’ time by striving to make your comments concise, as well as informative. A comment which is substantially longer than the text to which it responds is probably too long.

We reserve the right to refuse or remove any comments which we find offensive, inflammatory, disrespectful or dishonest.

Linking to your own blog in a comment is acceptable when by our standards the link is informative. Outright promotion or solicitation to promote traffic is not considered good form.

Fortunately, if you enter your url in the “Website” field when you make a comment, your signature will become a link to your blog. That, in our view, is a good thing. It helps us all get to know each other better and helps to extend the community of discussion.

Legal responsibility for your comments is nonetheless entirely yours, and your comments are copyright you.


Our own content is copyrighted.

Fair use is permitted and encouraged. We’re not unduly restrictive about what “fair use” means. Specifically, outright copying and/or reproduction of entire blogs elsewhere is not permitted unless we give prior, written permission.


Contact us at baptistplanetATgmailDOTcom.

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